Atlantic Psychiatric Conference

CCEIP President Dr Phil Tibbo recently presented the CCEIP tools (including Relapse Risk Assessment, the Antipsychotic Treatment Selection tool, Initiation of Treatment for Early Phase Psychotic Disorders Order Set, OPTIMA, the Tool for Monitoring Antipsychotic Side Effects, and the iHope patient discussion tool) at the Atlantic Psychiatric Conference in Prince Edward Island. Evaluations were overwhelmingly positive.  Comments include:

  • Definitely will use the tools
  • Excellent
  • Excellent presenter and presentation to kick things off
  • Excellent use of examples
  • Great speaker – very practical and informative presentation. Probably one of the best speakers I have seen. Will be helpful in working with clients with psychosis/schizophrenia
  • Good resources for both tools and cannabis information
  • I am definitely checking out your website and will start using your tools
  • Importance of medication reactions
  • Importance of monitoring side effects
  • Integrating a new/specific addictions assessment tool
  • Looking forward to reviewing the tools more closely online as can see being a real use for them in clinical situation
  • Love the development of the tools – will definitely take a closer look at some for my own practice in an acute psychiatric setting
  • Provided tools which can be brought back to work and share with co-workers. Thanks
  • Super relevant. Awesome. Video how to assess motor side effects, availability of web resources
  • The importance of following up with any side effect
  • Use of tools in practice. Currently use AIMS tool, but good to know when proper re-testing be done again
  • Very clear and will visit the website for the forms
  • Very informative, learned the proper clinical tools in management of early phase of psychosis
  • Very interested in checking out the website and clinical tools
  • Will make it easier to identify the early stages of psychosis and relapse
  • Will promote viewing of the video online in licensed community care who care for individuals taking psychotropic medications

These tools are the focus of the RCPSC Accredited Program entitled “APPLY: Applying Clinical Tools – Early Psychosis program”, which was jointly developed by a national faculty, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, Janssen Inc., and Myelin & Associates. This program facilitates the opportunity for psychiatrists to apply clinical tools at point-of-care for the management of psychosis patients in the early phase of illness, and is available as either a Section 1 or Section 3 RCPSC accredited program. To find out more about a program in your area, contact