iHope Patient Discussion Tool

The iHope tool is available in both paper and electronic formats. It is meant to serve as a resource that can be used to support the conversation with newly diagnosed patients living with schizophrenia, reinforcing that patients can live well with this chronic illness.


Thomas Hastings, MD, FRCPC
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Howard C. Margolese, MD, CM, MSc, FRCPC
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montréal, Québec

Phil Tibbo, MD, FRCPC
Dr Paul Janssen Chair in Psychotic Disorders
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Print version here: iHope Tool

Online version here: iHope Tool (Note: The online version works best on Google Chrome)

*Please note that there is no audio for any of the videos


  1. Click the “Online” link to view the program online through your web browser (an internet connection is required; Google Chrome is the preferred browser).
  2. When the presentation is opened, you will be taken to a landing page. An introductory video will play automatically.
  3. Once the introductory video has finished, the presentation is divided into four different sections: Diagnosis, Symptoms, Journey, and Recovery, listed to the left of the video player. Access each of these sections by clicking on corresponding section titles.
  4. You can return to each section as many times as you would like.

Footnotes and References here: Footnotes and references