Scale for Early Psychosis Relapse Risk Assessment (SEPRRA)

Faculty:  Ashok Malla, MD, Rahul Manchanda, MD, Philip Tibbo, MD, Richard Williams, MD, Ridha Joober, MD

Sponsor: Schizophrenia Society of Canada Foundation and Otsuka-Lundbeck Alliance

In 2013, the CCEIP created an assessment tool for the prediction of relapse in early psychosis to be used in clinical settings. A multi-site study was conducted in 2016 to assess the feasibility and reliability of the tool, now named The Scale for Early Psychosis Relapse Risk Assessment (SEPRRA).

The SEPRRA tool has been assessed for feasibility and reliability, but before it can be used in routine clinical practice, the validity must be evaluated. If your clinic is interested in participating in the validation of this important tool, please reach out to Megan Connolly at for more details.

SEPPRA Relapse Prevention Tool